I just have to brag

Dec 2, 2008 | love

That I have the best husband in the world. I woke up a little earlier today because I had to pack a quick bag to take with me to my parent’s house tonight (staying with Mom to take her to the Doc early tomorrow morning) and while I was in the shower, I could have sworn I smelled bacon. The vent in our bathroom faces the shower so it was literally wafting out of the vent and into my nose. For a split second I wondered if somebody were to make bacon smelling soap, would I use it? (The answer is maybe, just once) Then I realized the only possible conclusion is that Oscar was up already and in the kitchen.

When I was getting dressed for work, he surprised me (ok, I kinda knew something was up because of the wafty bacon) with french toast and bacon because we wouldn’t see each other tonight or tomorrow night until around 10 or so.

(photo from here)

Does your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife surprise you with delicious syrupy goodness in the mornings?


  1. What a wonderful husband you have! Lily can’t make me breakfast… the lack of opposable thumbs tends to be a problem at times…

  2. Yeah, I’m a lucky girl, what can I say… 🙂

  3. He even garnished it with Parsley! Go Oscar!!


  4. What a fab husband. Now where can I find one like that.

    Mad Asthmatic

  5. Mad Asthmatic – I got really lucky and fell for a close friend. 🙂 Look where you think you’re least likely to find someone?