I just couldn’t help myself

Nov 7, 2008 | domesticity

I’m not a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I like them OK, but usually they make me sneeze and I’m not particularly fond of how feisty they can be. I’m much more used to the “you – sit!” mentality with dogs.

Point being, I don’t really think of the cats of our house as my cats, therefore, I don’t really feel like cleaning the litterbox should be my job.

This is where the Litter Robot steps in. This gadget (that I swear looks like an astronaut’s helmet – anybody agree?) is supposed to clean out and dispose of the clumped litter, leaving the “good” litter, and thus, keeping cat owners from having to clean the litter themselves.

Seems like a great invention to me, but, it’s expensive – to the tune of $300. That’s a lot for not wanting to pick up litter.

Plus, the dog-lover in me thinks “we don’t have to pay anything so the dog can poop – we just have to be around to let her out.”

I’m not sure if I like this…


  1. HA! That’s awesome!!

  2. It looks like those old school diver’s helmet… ya know what I’m talking about? And I’m totally not a fan of the feisty-ness either…