I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest

Feb 3, 2012 | Uncategorized

But doesn’t everybody?

I say this because of something my Mom said to me a few weeks ago after I was complaining about planning our family meals out for the coming week. “You want so much to be domestic, don’t you?”

And it’s the truth. Rather, I want to want to be domestic, if that makes sense. And Pinterest, well, Pinterest makes me want to shove store-bought cookies that I didn’t stay up until 11:00pm making from scratch after the home-cooked meal I served in my crock-pot down my throat.

I didn’t actually start attempting to make whole meals until a year or so ago when I was staying at home with Grayson. Before that, Oscar cooked, and I let him. I didn’t know how to make white rice. Yes, really. 

But now I have about a dozen recipes that I have memorized, and we keep eating those same recipes over. And over. And over. So then I go to Pinterest, hoping that I’ll pin something that looks delicious and that’s easy to make. And that happens. And then I never actually make said dish, making spaghetti for the umpteenth time, because it’s easy and I know Grayson (and myself) will eat it. (I can be slightly picky about food.)

Our most recent spaghetti night.

I guess what I’m asking is, does it come easy to everyone else, or are you all faking it? I really, really want to ENJOY cooking, and coming up with new recipes without it seeming like a chore. Gimmie all your secrets.

Please and thank you.


  1. I feel like I’m cheating by answering this because I’m neither employed or a mother! But I make a lot of what I find on Pinterest, food-wise. Most of it is in a crock pot, which means that the most difficult part is crying through the cutting of the onions, but I have made some of the more difficult things. And I don’t necessarily like to cook, really…but I like eating…? So I do it 96% of the time, and the rest, we eat out. But I have a lot of recipes in rotation, too…actually, we only add a new one in every month or so.

  2. Girl. I have like, three meals I make: Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghetti with veggie additions and sometimes shredded mozz for fun, and enchiladas for the fam (with shredded chicken I either take off a bought rotisserie bird, or after my mom puts it into a crock pot for me while I’m at work). Oh, and grilled cheese, but I’m pretty sure even Piper could make that. Often I plot out these meals, then get home and I’m just like, ugh, I can’t do this, and we order food. Usually I’ll plan a meal and then have to eat it because I can’t let it go to waste, so I force myself, and of course I don’t even want to eat it then. 🙂

    I pin things that are pretty much what I can make, but with alterations. This way it makes it easier for me because it’s pretty much following the routine as usual, but instead of plain mac, I add stuff, or add shredded chicken to pasta etc… So yeah, I pin things, but I never make them.


    Oh, and it makes me feel even shittier because it’s like my mom has no problem doing all the meal making and stuff. And she gets Piper to nap for hours. Um. I get a half an hour, damnit.

  3. @Layla – Most of what’s in your rotation on Pinterest? Cuz I can look at those. I am starting to use my crock-pot more, and I love coming home to yummy things smelling up my kitchen. Leela’s probably not so fond of that, however, ha.

    @Amber – I feel ya on ALL of that. Spaghetti is definitely staying as a weekly staple, mostly because it’s so easy. I have a couple other chicken recipes that Grayson likes that are fairly easy, too. What’s going to be difficult to get used to is getting home at 5:30 without a *clue* as to what to make for dinner, make it, eat it, and get Grayson ready for bed and in bed by his 7:30 bedtime. (!!!) I know it can be done, but I have to train myself, ha.

    And my Mom also helps me with meals on the days she has Grayson. LOVE that. 🙂


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