I had to share this.

Jun 13, 2007 | Uncategorized

Taken from a forwarded email sent to me and my Mom by co-worker also in attendance at the PCA Driver’s Ed weekend. Attached was the following note: “Girls, you’re gaining respect every lap….”

FYI-Overheard in the paddock while packing up Sunday late PM……

Groupr 1 driver to another “what about that dark mustang that was going pretty fast out there!” (this is my Mom)

Groupr 3 driver to several others (all in Porsches) “Hey, did you get passed by a Scion? Yes, did you? Did you see it corner? It must have been driven by a race driver. Can you believe it? We got passed by a Scion…”
(the Scion was me.)

Made me feel goooood.