I did it…

Aug 8, 2007 | Uncategorized

I bought web space.

I’m still very much a web design virgin, so I’m taking baby steps, but I’m actually pretty excited about it. I went to www.godaddy.com and picked out a name and all that, then actually bought it, and I’m slowly adding things in the process.

And yes, I have already been informed that I can do all of that from the comfort of the one website, but for now, the baby steps led me to web forwarding, which I managed to do on my own.

Secondly, I’m getting together tonight with one of favorite people of all time, my old boss/mentor. She’s moved back in town, and, by the grace of God, fifteen minutes down the street. (This is where you cheer, I sure did…) But anyway, I don’t really know what it means, except that, just having her around makes me feel more creative, and that’s a good thing. I saw her a few months ago when CW and I drove to Athens to hear Rosemary present her book, but, it seems like ages ago, and I didn’t get to talk to her as much as I wanted.

Regardless, I have some stuff to look forward to. And that’s a good feeling.


  1. This is a huge deal! I can’t believe no one has left you a message yet! CONGRATS!

  2. Thank you! I was pretty proud of myself.