I can’t help myeslf…

Jun 6, 2008 | weddings

I just freaking love our invitations.

So, to give you a tiny preview, here’s what you should be sending back to me.

It’s a huge file, because I still can’t figure out how to re-size pictures in Finder on a Mac.

The invitation set is really close to these, which were my inspiration (from Wedding Paper Divas.)

And Oscar and I both liked them, but I felt a little weird about buying mass-produced invitations, even when I know people will ultimately throw them away. I put Oscar through a couple more months of hellish invitation searching (I really like the originals, can’t we just stick with those? It’s just paper…) after he’d thought we’d chosen these, but I wanted a little something extra, something that made it more personalized.

And Voila!

Cue my wedding planner, and her suggestion of Not From a Box. This duo is out of Florida, and they’ve been wonderful to work with so far. They do have templates to choose from, but the other choices (fonts, layout, colors, monograms) really make it worthwhile. We used the same font as the WPD invitation, and took the idea of the modern right justified wording, and added the floral monogram (Which I loooove, and will definitely pop up in the wedding elsewhere)up at the corner.

Plus, they were really affordable, and are always running deals. (I was able to get free thank-you cards with the order!)