I argue that “indabisable” should be a word.

Jan 20, 2009 | babies, family

So my Mom has been going through all the VHS tapes we own and converting them to DVDs, and, in the process, she’s been uploading some of the funnier ones to YouTube.

I just can’t help myself – this is a clip of me just before my 3rd birthday party. Needless to say, I was rather excited, as evidenced by the fact that I won’t sit. still.

And I think that’s a face powder puff that I’m practicing my Rockette dance with. The big deal at that birthday was the Pound Puppies I got – tell me you remember those.

Seeing videos like this makes me excited to see what my children will look and how they’ll act. I’ve still got the baby bug pretty badly, but can wait until Oscar and I get some much-needed things in order.

Until then, I’ll just borrow my friend’s children.

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  1. pound puppies were the shiz… i never got 5 puppies though. never. 🙁