Hoo boy. Hi there.

May 25, 2012 | Uncategorized

Has it been a hot second since I’ve written, or what?

Since I started as a WebOp at Trustworkz, my life has turned upside-down. Only in the most positive of ways, but my personal blog has been put on the backburner for way too long.

What does Trustworkz do? Well, you can read more about us here if you’d like. Basically, we make small businesses the people for what they do in their market with the help of SEO, branding, and social media. When I first started back in January, I had one client. Now I’m up to 15. I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blog for 15ish clients each week, becoming them so to speak. Learning the various businesses has proven to be the most difficult part, as I have all different types – a dentist, home contractors, a salon, an insurance agency, and so on. All of whom I have to be on a regular basis, Monday through Friday. But I’m learning a lot. More than I ever thought I could cram into one business day.

And the best part? We’re about to grow exponentially. And I’m so excited and proud to be a part of it.

So what about everything else? Well, Grayson has been staying with a good friend three days a week and staying with my Mom one day and my MIL one day. It worked out really well, as Grayson had a playmate three days a week and he spent two days a week with his grandmas. What kid wouldn’t love that?

Starting next week though, we’ve enrolled him into a local Montessori program, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does. We took him yesterday to visit his new “classroom” and he was shy at first. Then I showed him los parajos (birds) in a little cage in the room, and he started climbing all over a big wooden slide toy and was just fine. This new school has so many perks, one being that I have flexibility with dropping him off and picking him up. A full day there is 6:30am-6:30pm, so I can go into work earlier and get a ton accomplished. (That’s the goal, anyway.) Every person I’ve talked to about this school loves it too, so I feel totally at ease that it’s going to be a great place for him to learn and grow.

Speaking of growing, the kid is almost TWO. How and when the hell did that happen?

As he’s getting older, Oscar and I have been thinking again about when we will add to our little family. We’re waiting for insurance particulars to go through, but the goal is to have Grayson and our second child about three-ish years apart. Now that he’s almost two (still feels weird to type that), it feels like ages ago when we had a tiny infant. Now we have a full-on tantrum-throwing toddler.

I learned so much about myself with Grayson, and I wonder if a second baby will be the same? Sure, there shouldn’t be many things that will be totally new, especially if we were to have a second little boy. I suppose that it’s only easier in the sense that you have a better idea of what to expect, (and no, I will not be memorizing What to Expect the second go-round) but I can’t help but think, “how will I ever find time for two?” You just do?

For the first time in a long time, I feel like my life finally makes sense. Everything is in its right place. And with that, I hope this isn’t my only blog for a while. I miss all my blogging buddies. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are.

“Make yourself necessary to somebody. Do not make life hard to anybody.” – Emerson


  1. We’ve missed you, too. Excited about your job! Sounds like things are headed in a great direction. How is he TWO? Seems like you were just pregnant.

  2. Doesn’t it? It feels that way for me, too. Hopefully this time I won’t be consumed with the idea of getting pregnant like I was the first time. Wanting a baby can make a girl nutso. Or, more nutso, in my case.

    I hope you’re enjoying your new gig,too. I know things have been tough for you guys recently. Lemme know if you need anything, ever.