Here’s Part of Next Week’s Forecast, brought to you by Impatient Bride

Sep 24, 2008 | Uncategorized

Wednesday October 1 – 30% chance scattered showers, 77 degrees

Thursday October 2 – Partly cloudy, 74 degrees

Friday October 3 – Mostly sunny, 76 degrees

Saturday October 4 – Come on, Mostly Sunny!

My week has consisted of checking and worrying about all the gas ridiculousness Georgia has been going through since Ike. It’s been a week, and I can’t understand how a city as Metropolitan as Atlanta can’t keep gas? And furthermore, it just makes me realize how many headless chickens there are driving around for gas in this city. Amazing.

But you know what?

Can’t nobody bring me down this week, ‘cuz next week, I’s gettin’ married!