Oct 5, 2007 | Uncategorized

I had a run-in with a man this evening that apparently believes he’s the neighborhood watch. I was going to my second job this evening, with Thai food in hand, and I was coming through the neighborhood like I always do. Granted, I have to come down a pretty large hill to the get the house. I know this. I’m absolutely well-aware of this. I’ve been coming IN and OUT of this neighborhood for three years now. I’m on the phone, yes. I’m not shifting, and I actually have the car in neutral coming down the hill, and OF COURSE, of course I see this couple walking a stroller. They’re on the side of the road, I even veered over so they knew I saw them. As I drove by, the guy waves his arms in the air and forcefully brings them down in front of him in a “halt, who goes there!” motion.

I’m on the phone, and I say, Oh shit, SP, I just got “slowed.” My bad.

I’m hurrying along to get out and get inside because I’m starving, and I’m still on the phone, trying to finalize plans for the next week, and I see the man walking over to my car like an officer planning on giving me a ticket. I’m flipping out because I’ve never been good with confrontation.