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Dec 19, 2007 | Uncategorized

I would make casseroles all the time if I could bake them in a personalized dish like this one:

We’ve quasi-started our gift registry. It’s a weird thing, too. Of course I like getting presents, who doesn’t? But then you combine the possibility of getting engagement gifts, shower gifts, specifically-tailored shower gifts (stock the bar, linen shower- these are things I had never heard of) and wedding gifts to boot, and it just seems like too much. I don’t really need all these things, save for a few.

I think we’ve decided to register at Macy’s, Crate & Barrel and Target. Oh, how I love Target. Between the two of us, we have enough things like sheets and bath towels, but I want like, nice bath towels, that don’t have hair dye (yes, entirely my fault) stains on them and stuff. Those can become car washing towels and whatnot.

I put some design books on my Amazon list. Marrying a guy with a painting company sure has its perks. I’m still clinging to the idea of having a pink room, although I’ve been adamantly vetoed on the pink bedroom.

Ha, Not like this, although I do love the color combination.

I was thinking a little more modern, perhaps like that picture above that I saw in Domino a few months ago.

I’m trying to think “glass half full.” So, in my half-full glass, I’m looking at a pink room, totally girly, that I can come home to and just sit in and read, surf the Internet, whatever.

With my puppy, that will look like this:

For a split second before it goes tearing through the house like a cute little yellow-furred Molotov cocktail.

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  1. Pink bedroom? No. Pink accent wall in your office? Totally. Puppy? Put up a fence first.