Get up and go, go, go

Aug 30, 2007 | Uncategorized

There’s nothing like a little Rage Against the Machine to get your morning started.

I was updating my linkage this morning and revisited all the websites I had been storing in my bookmarks tab. It supercharged me.

And reaffirmed the fact that, one day, I want to be a magazine editor. Not like, The Devil Wears Prada kind of scenario. I’m quite ok with staying in the South. (All my favorite writers are from here, after all.) Plus, there’s a ton of good options down here, I just have to wriggle my way into them somehow.

As very Carrie Bradshaw as it sounds, I’d love to have a weekly column. Not about sex, per se, but something I like, I was thinking books or movies, or something. Have a weekly humor column that reviews media of all kinds? (I’m drooling now) That would be the ultimate goal. And, being able to work from home some days? I really am quite productive at home. I’m very much a morning person, so I’m the type that just needs to inject some espresso into their blood and I’m good to go for the next few hours.

That being said, I also love being part of a project. I do work well in an office/group setting too, provided it’s something I’m interested in. I absolutely love working with CB, for example, because well, it’s synergetic. You know, like the little bird that sits on the crocodile’s nose and eats the food particles, feeding himself and cleaning the croc at the same time? Ok, maybe not quite like that, and I’m not comparing CB to a crocodile, by any means… Or maybe I watch entirely too much Discovery Channel. But, what I was getting at is, she and I work really well together. And we’re both passionate about the same things. She teaches me things, I teach her things. It’s just your regular croc-and-bird combo.


But anyway, where I’d really love to end up is Skirt! Magazine. I don’t know how I’ll do this, but that’s what my goal is. I could even go so far as to say, in five years, I want to be working there. Now, how do I start? I’m too terrified to even submit essays for them. I saved all the prompts, believe me. And I’ve made attempts. But I have yet to actually submit anything. Maybe because I’ve seen how hard CB has worked to get her submissions published, and I’m scared of the work. actually, I know I’m scared of the work. But if she can do it, I can, too.

Oh, maybe you’re thinking, why Skirt? Well, in case you haven’t clicked on the link to the right, here’s why:

-They support strong ideas and strong women. And I like that.
-They’re fun, and the essays are, too.
-They have a Southern Belle charm about them, which I also like.
-There’s an Atlanta office. I pass it every day on my way to work and the sign winks at me.

Maybe I’ll go start an essay now, yes?