Get back to where you once belonged*

Jul 31, 2008 | weddings

I know – I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad blogger, very bad!

But seriously ya’ll, I either:

1.) Haven’t had much to say. This isn’t even stretching it, because my brain has literally just stopped working except for when I get to work in the mornings for about 3 or 4 hours after I’ve had a very laaaarge cup of coffee.

2.) Even worse – I just don’t care. There’s a lot of apathy flowing through my veins right now. Yes, still. But I’m trying, dammit!

I promise I’m not all negative Nancy all the time, and I even took on some extra opportunities (because the money was good and I didn’t seem to have much choice, mind you) to pass the time until I can get married and my life can “officially start.” I promise I won’t try and complain, only cringe to myself, when I spend three hours in the car and leave the house at 7:15 and don’t get home until 7:15 that night. I will be patient.

I bought Learn-in-your-car Spanish CDs! Now at least I can repeat “Dónde está el baño?” over and over again so my head doesn’t explode when the cars in front me are just sitting. Or, I could learn how to say, “Qué usted está esperando?!? Vaya!

And, I finally bought a new coffeemaker so I can set it and have coffee when I leave in the mornings as opposed to waiting until I get to work. This will also help the morning rage, because coffee is delicious, my friends.

Other than that, decisions are getting made, bit by bit.

Our wedding night hotel has been booked. We’re staying here – on the 12th floor overlooking the Fox Theater. 🙂 Muy emocionado!

We’re stuffing the invitations this weekend and mailing them out on Monday!

Oscar and I finally chose a first dance song.

I finally chose one to walk down the aisle to – and ended up going with the first choice anyway.

I finally chose one to dance with my Dad to.

*Been on a Beatles kick in the car until the Spanish CDs come in the mail…