Jun 28, 2007 | Uncategorized

I still have a lot of pent up anger from everything that has gone on this week. I find myself wishing that I could say the things I want to say without hurting additional people in the process, but it’s impossible.

My bullshit meter is pretty high, despite the fact that I can be gullible. There’s a difference, I can tell, and I don’t like it.

I really hope that in time, I’ll gain more patience to deal with shit like this. Also, I know now to never put myself in a position where I’m totally caught off-guard again.

And, now I’m thinking I want to go to grad school at a different school. It’s closer, I know the school, (graduated from there) and it’s a little cheaper in the long run. Plus, I already know all the faculty and I have more choices there. The downside is, I know the faculty there and already went to undergrad there. I’m worried it would negatively affect my acceptance there.

Here’s my Google horoscope today:

You may receive glimpses of your future and you know that you must stop for a breath of fresh air if you are to reach your goals before exhaustion hits. It’s not that you are feeling less than; in fact, it may be exactly the opposite. Because you are on a roll, you could be overdoing it. Slow down and make your energy last even longer.

Good to know. Thanks Google. Every day, providing places to put pictures, a place to get e-mail, maps and horoscopes, and a place for liars to fake their alibis.