Four Months Out – Here’s a Vendor Wrap-Up

Jun 10, 2008 | Atlanta, weddings

I realized I may have never posted about some of our vendors! How silly of me! Here they all are, in all their pre-nuptial glory…

We’re getting married at Heritage Sandy Springs. The Williams-Payne house is an historic estate surrounded by gardens, and the entire area is considered “Heritage Sandy Springs.” When Oscar first brought me here, I was skeptical. Upon a second return I realized it was perfect for us. Check out these pictures:

The ceremony site

The Williams-Payne house (the view the guests will be able to see once they’re seated)

Here’s the money shot! They wrap gorgeous sparkly lights around the banisters and the gazebos. So pretty!

We’re having La Parrilla, our favorite Mexican restuarant, cater the wedding. It’s going to be a good spread – chicken, pork and steak for fajitas, mexican rice, beans, grilled mexican vegetables, charro beans, and all the chips, salsa and delicious queso you could ask for.

(image taken from Gwinnett Daily Online)

We’ve decided to go with Perfect Petals out of Marietta. Little did I know when I brought the below picture, that Christine herself made it! I was thrilled that she was already familiar with what I wanted.

This bouquet is really close. (Less red and more orange.)

(image taken from

I found out officiant off Oscar and I weren’t really jazzed about having a minister marry us, and so we started looking for someone who could still effortlessly show the love we have for each other without feeling guilted into something we weren’t interested in. Once I found our officiant David, and more importantly, once we met with him, he was perfect for us. He’s put together a wonderful ceremony that I can’t wait to share with everyone.

We decided to go with McEntyre’s bakery for our cake. A girl I know that just got married recommended them to me because her groom is related to some people that work there. When we went in for the cake tasting, we knew. It was love at first bite. We decided on a 3-tier round citrus marble pound cake, with alternating layers of the citrus marble and regular pound cake. It will have cream cheese icing, and look something like this (minus the blue icing, and the tiers will all be the same size):

(image from April Reed Cake Design. Note: Also featured in Miss Candy Corn’s blog)

We decided to go with a dj mainly because hiring a band is much more expensive, and there’s no way we could have been able to agree on which band we’d hire. So, a dj seemed like the best option. We hired A.C.E. DJs, local to the Atlanta area. We met the owner at an open-house for another venue back in November, and liked him enough to go ahead and book him. He’s very in-tune with more modern songs, so I think he’ll be a perfect fit for us.

Stay tuned for dresses and decor!