Jun 14, 2007 | Uncategorized

8 random, bizarre things about me:

1.) Now that I’m commuting every day, I love to hate the traffic. I complain, bitch and moan all the way home. But June 7th, I’m officially moving inside the perimeter, thank God.

2.) I eat oatmeal every morning like clockwork when I get to work. It’s the instant kind, and usually, it’s something gay like “women’s health” or “now heartier oatmeal, with real walnuts!” Plus, I don’t like buying breakfast *and* lunch every day.

3.) Assuming I can get in, I’m applying to the Comp & Rhetoric grad program at State. Keeping my fingers crossed and in the first steps to getting everything together.

4.) My brother is transferring from Southern to State. Also deserves a thank God, because he was drowning down there. Hopefully he can get his shit together and we can actually have sibling-fun time. woo.

5.) I am finally for the first time actually happy with myself. I would even go so far as to say that I fucking love me. And that’s a great feeling. It’s taken a long time to get there.

6.) I feel like I can never eat ENOUGH Mexican, pasta and sushi. It’s all I have cravings for anymore. Fuck Little Debbie, give me raw fish. mmm. But, I am happy to report, that I do cook now. Baby steps, though.

7.) I often consider the idea of going by my middle name instead of my first but I worry it’ll never stick.

8.) This one’s gotta be good. Some days I feel like I’m spiraling out of control and I’m not living the life I want to. Others, I sit and think that I can’t argue with my life, that it’s fantastic and I shouldn’t complain. It’s a weird cycle and I think I might be having a quarter-life crisis.

I was deleting Myspace messages and found this. I was supposed to send it back in a bulletin, but I am fanatically anti-Bulletin, so instead I wrote it back to K in a message. I’m glad I did.

My apartment is beginning to look like a sea of brown cardboard amidst a half-decorated room. My desire to clean is kicking in full-force, and I hate having little piles of stuff everywhere. Little piles of me. Ahh.

I’ve decided on another tattoo I want, probably much to my mother’s disapproval. It’s little, a pronouncement of my love for Emerson, taken from Self-Reliance, one of my favorite works of all time –

envy is ignorance
imitation is suicide

These are some words to live by.