Jun 3, 2009 | babies, dreams

Last night…

I dreamed I gave birth to a baby I didn’t know I was carrying. I woke up, went to the bathroom and my water broke. I hopped into the tub, instinctively, and gave birth to a baby boy. I remember thinking in the dream, “I didn’t even feel that…why are so many women complaining about childbirth?

Afterward, I wrapped him up in Oscar’s bath towel and proudly walked over to the bed and gently shook Oscar awake. “Look,” I whispered.

His face was surprised at first, but then softened, and he smiled as if he knew all along but didn’t tell me. I curled up in bed and fell asleep with the baby in my arms. The next morning, I didn’t know what to do because the room we had previously considered as the nursery wasn’t finished – it still had all his comics in it and we had no furniture. We didn’t even have baby clothes or diapers.

I called my parents and he called his, telling them we needed to meet with them that night at our house.

We still hadn’t decided on a name for the little guy, and opted for Diego, a name we have actually considered.

The last part was a flash of us at Ikea buying nursery furniture, with little Diego still wrapped up in Oscar’s bath towel.

It was the wildest thing. I woke up this morning feeling calm and empowered.


  1. Strangely I have had dreams like this as well… Except I didn’t know how to get my new baby home from the hospital because we hadn’t bought a car seat or anything. It was *that* unexpected.

    I also had a dream that my sister could no longer carry my unborn nephew because of medical complications so they transplanted him into me and I carried out the pregnancy for her. In that dream I was so insanely proud to be able to help out my sister… it felt really great.

  2. PS- Have I ever told you that your posts completely fail to show up in my reading list? I’m not sure if other people are having that same problem, but it’s only with your blog! :/

  3. Diego is an awesome name for a boy. Please keep that one in mind 🙂