Five Things Friday, plus a question

Jul 29, 2011 | Uncategorized

I guess Five Things Friday is something that people who still blog participate in, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

1.) I’ve been battling a wicked case of poison ivy for the last week and a half. At first I thought it was mosquito bites, but then when it spread to huge itchy red patches, I realized not so much. I’ve been walking around with dried pink splotches of calamine lotion and last week I ended up going to the Minute Clinic to get some meds because the itching was so bad. The doctor put me on Prednisone, which I’m almost finished with thank god, because it’s somewhere between two espressos and a nonstop caffeine drip when I take them. I IZ HYPED. Of course, the itching is worse when sweat touches it and the temperature has been “surface of the sun” all summer, so I’ve tried to stay inside as much as possible.

2.) Grayson is almost one, and it’s blowing my mind. I’ve been a mom for a year. He’s crawling around and pulling himself up onto everything, which means he’s also falling over and bonking his little head, too. I know I can’t wrap him in bubble wrap forever, but I really, really want to. I’ve been thinking about the timing for our second baby recently, mostly just because I wonder what he’ll be like when we have another baby around. Will he be a sweet older brother? I sure hope so. I honestly can’t imagine loving another human being as much as I love him.

3.) I finally submitted my application for graduate school this week. Whee! It’s been on my weekly to-do list since January, and I applied online earlier this week and also mailed hard copies in just in case. I’ve also applied to two administrative positions at KSU to stick my toes back into the job market. Both are positions I can really see myself growing to love as an alternative to being in a classroom, which leads me to number four…

4.) I feel like I’m setting myself up to fail trying to get into education. This isn’t a “let’s watch me talk myself out of something I’d really like to have” moment. And I also know that “anything worth having is worth fighting for” and all that. From a financially stable standpoint however, I just don’t know if the timing is right. Let’s say by the grace of Jeebus I get accepted into the master’s program I just applied for (and there will be much rejoicing, yaaaaay). Considering that the government probably won’t give me any money for school, I’ll have to take out a loan for the entire $20,000. Once I get out, my lack of classroom experience and master’s degree could hurt me, especially since there are, and will be, teachers with both experience and higher degrees that I’ll be competing with. As for right now, all I can do is hope for the best outcome for our family, and be content with that.

5.) I joined a Mom’s group. I’ve only been to a couple of meetings/playdates so far, so it’s still a little uncomfortable for me. Many of them are older, have 2-3 or more children, and seem to enjoy being stay-at-home-moms, whereas I’m younger, have just one, and don’t really know how I feel about being a sahm. Do I want to make new friends? Honestly, yes. Having some people I can relate to is always nice. But I guess what I’m really looking forward to is seeing what kind of music they like, what shows they can’t get enough of, what they did before they sold their souls to Elmo.

Lastly, I’m contemplating making a new linked with my newer Gmail account unless someone can tell me a way I can link an old account and a new account. Anybody?