Five Things Friday, 2012 Edition

Jan 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

Holy crap, 2011. What a year. I won’t say it was a bad year, but it was the year that I learned the most about myself, and ultimately helped shape me more than any other. 

Which brings me to my first “thing”:

1.) This time last year, I wrote about how I’d decided to apply to graduate school, more specifically, the Master’s in Teaching program at KSU, and I did. I collected the massive amounts of paperwork and studied my ass off to take the GRE, not once, but TWICE, so that I could make a decent enough score to accompany my application packet.  After submitting all that off at the end of the summer, I waited to hear back. In the meantime, Oscar and I had some difficult conversations about how we intended to pay for said schooling if I wasn’t going to be working, and even with student loans, it would be extremely tough for the five semesters I’d be in the program. We decided to wait to finalize our decision until I got my acceptance letter. Finally, about two months ago, I got a letter from KSU, congratulating me on my acceptance into the January 2012 semester.

2.) However, Oscar and I have decided that right now, even with the help of student loans, we are unable to afford to send me to graduate school. At first, I had an insanely hard time with this realization. The hours I had spent getting my application packet together were ridiculous, not to mention all the people I had help me with letters of recommendation, studying, etc. I would love the opportunity to complete the program and have my own classroom someday, but I also realize that graduate school doesn’t have a cutoff time in my personal timeline. I can go back whenever I choose, if I decide down the line that it’s something I’d still like to do.

3.) So now, I’m in a full-on pursuit for full-time employment, which is hard. I haven’t been employed full-time since May of 2009, so trying to find something that fits all my needs is challenging, to say the least. I don’t want a long commute, I need it to pay enough to afford putting Grayson in daycare, I’d love some health benefits, and I want to enjoy what I’m doing. No bites yet, but it is still the first week of January. I’m confident that I’ll find something that’s a great fit. And when I find it, I have a little surprise celebration/gift to myself. Stay tuned to see.

4.) Grayson still isn’t walking at 16 months, and I can’t help but feel like a huge failwhale. I know really that I’m doing everything I can to help him, i.e., praising him when he takes a few steps on his own, walking with him while holding his hand so he gets comfortable with it and so on, but he’s still not walking. All but two of the babies in my little (sub) Mom’s group are walking, and they’re all younger. Developmentally he’s on track, but I just wonder what’s keeping him from taking more than 5-6 steps unassisted.

5.) Some of my resolutions this year include:
– Learn the game of football.
– Master my grandma’s chocolate pound cake recipe.
– Volunteer more, either at Foxtale or somewhere else.
– Try something new once a week (food, activity, internet community, you name it)

Cheers to 2012!


  1. Sorry to hear about your grad school disappointment. You are right that it will always be there, but it’s still hard to have to make the “practical” decision when you feel like doing something else.

    Is Grayson a big baby? I have read research suggesting big babies walk later, because more to move is a greater challenge. It doesn’t mean anything in the long run though.

  2. Well, congrats on being accepted but sorry it’s not going to work out right now. I know you’ll find something full time soon, you’re too talented not to. Are you talking about american football or soccer?

  3. @Grace, he’s fairly normal-sized. About 24lbs or so. He’s actually started to take more steps just today! I keep trying to get it on camera, and he stops as soon as I pull out my phone, ha.

    @Layla, aw, thanks so much. Keeping my fingers crossed that something great comes along for the both of us. I mean American football. I can’t figure out the game to save my life.