Feeling a little more at ease.

Jun 8, 2010 | babies

At least about the delivery.  I went in for another appointment this morning. I’m now officially in the “every 2 weeks” phase of seeing my doctors. I think after having this baby I’ll never be weirded out by a doctor’s office again, based on the amount of times I’ve been in one in the past 7 months.

This morning I was able to chat with the midwife on staff about some of my birth choices, and was able to ask her a lot of questions that have been on my mind about the delivery. My doctor’s office is set up in such a way that you can choose to see one doctor each time, or you can see everyone on the team, which is 4 docs and the certified nurse/midwife, in circulation until you’ve met everyone. I really like this setup, because I get to know each doctor, and in the event that the baby comes at a particular time, one of the doctors I’ve previously met with and talked to will be present at the birth. I know they’ve received awards in Cherokee county for having the best staff, and I’d have to agree.

I like all the doctors, but I’d have to say my favorite person to meet with when I go in for check-ups in the midwife, Susan Griggs. One, because she reminds me of this fantastic woman I had the pleasure of getting to know last summer. A friend of a friend who runs a professional organizing business out of Alpharetta. This is neither here nor there, but it’s nice to have someone you feel you really connect with, especially when it’s someone who could be helping you deliver your baby.

Why else do I like her? Because she’s calm, and I heart calm. I’ll especially heart calm in the delivery room, I imagine. She said she really likes to keep outside distractions to a minimum while she’s helping mothers because a lot of the time, (like me) they’re anxious about their first baby. She was extremely responsive to all my birth plan wishes, and answered all my questions (of which there were many). At the end of our visit, she actually got excited and said, “I hope I’m there when you deliver!” Gah, I hope she is, too.