Eye Surgery Numero Dos –

Mar 18, 2008 | Uncategorized

Takes place tomorrow. I now know what to expect, and while the outcome won’t be quite as surprising as it was the first time, I’m still really excited.

In other news, I’m still getting over Bijou. It may sound ridiculous to still be sad over losing a rodent, but, he was MY rodent, and the first pet I’ve ever had. I think his death charged up my desire to get a dog, and over the weekend I took Oscar to a Labrador Rescue adoption day, where we met labs of all sizes.

We both fell in love with this little guy, Adonis (whoever named him and his sisters was going through a Greek mythology phase):

And I absolutely fell for this one –

He’s 11 months old, and AKC-registered. I would have taken him home right then and there if I hadn’t seen Oscar’s horrified “Oh God, please not him” look.

I can’t help it – I freaking love big dogs. The bigger, the slobberyer, the better.

We’re looking into getting fence estimates in the next few weeks so we can bring a big guy or girl home. Yay.