Excuse me, but your fat is showing. Or: I guess I finally look pregnant.

Mar 8, 2010 | life, pregnancy, travels

I was so looking forward to actually starting to look pregnant.  I’m so curious what I’ll look like (small planet?), and I really just hate waiting. 

Last week during our trip to Vegas, I had some serious hangups because I was worried that people would think I was fat, not pregnant.  Thankfully, Vegas tourists are all kinda fat, and that made me feel better.  And it always seems to be the women who are crammed into tiny jeans and a super-skimpy top that make me feel better about myself.  I mean, I’m carrying around produce in my abdomen – what’s your excuse?

I posted a 15-week picture update on Facebook (if we’re friends, you can see it there), and my mother-in-law posted a response that makes me love her that much more:

“What?!!! How??!! When???!!! last time I saw  you (ten days ago) there was just a little tiny bump and now it is so big!! Good job, Mi flaquita, good job!!”

Flaca means skinny in Spanish, and my nickname has been la flaca for a while.  Flaquita kind of translates it into a cute term of endearment, and I busted out laughing when I saw it. I’m really so lucky to have her and my father-in-law.

* * * * * * * * *

Anyway, it’s nice to be home.  I missed the dog, and I think she missed us, too.  Actually, she must think we punished her or something, because she’s been nothing but well-behaved since we got home yesterday afternoon.  Today was a gorgeous day in Atlanta, and I took her for a walk.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, her or me. 

I’m finally settling back into my various projects and gearing up for my two Pure Romance parties this week.  I’m bummed because national convention is this week and it’s in Vegas, so I missed it by just a few days, but we really couldn’t afford to stay longer than a week, plus we were (oh-so-graciously) gifted the week we took, anyway. 

Even though I’m not working a full-time 9-5, I feel like I’m busier than I was this time last year.  I guess because the company I was working for, I could just forget my work until I showed up there.  Now, I have a completely different schedule: I get up, do some work, take a break, do some work, etc. But I somehow seem to work on the weekends whereas I didn’t use to.  But I love my new schedule and wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Oh, and P.S. – I guess I finally spoke to someone with big guns at the GACE office, because they’re mailing me a voucher. Hell yes!