Early morning in the Velez house today

Apr 4, 2011 | Uncategorized

Grayson’s sleep schedule has been way off the past few days. I think 4 or 5 mornings in a row now he’s woken up between 5:00 and 5:30am and fussed himself back to sleep, only with the help of me going in there and shushing him and popping his pacifier back in his mouth.

Last night we put him down at 7:15pm as usual, but he woke up about 10:30 and was really fussy. Oscar managed to soothe him without giving him food, but he woke up again around 12:45 for a feeding. This morning was rather rough, because I instinctively woke up about 5:00, and just about when I was drifting back off, at 5:30, like clockwork, I heard him start to scream.

He fussed on and off until about 6:15, when I thought that maybe he was in pain from a future tooth popping out and a little Orajel on his pacifier might soothe him, so I tried that. He HATES the taste of Orajel, and that just sent him over the edge. So pretty much everyone has been awake since about 5:30 this morning. A very STRONG pot of coffee was made this morning, for the record.

His naps have been extremely short too. For about a week now he hasn’t slept longer than 45 minutes in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. This makes getting things done almost impossible, because I don’t want to start time consuming things for fear I won’t get to finish. Of course yesterday I was gone almost all day, busy with wedding activities for an upcoming wedding I’m in. He slept TWO HOURS for Oscar in the morning, and almost two again in the afternoon. What I don’t understand is, Sleep begets sleep, so why the rough night?

Whenever I look up “night waking”, the answers I typically get are connected to teething or a growth spurt. His gums are nubby, but there’s no actual teeth popping out as far as I can tell. And the growth spurt? He’s just shy of 7 and a half months, so he’s not really “due” for one.

I realized I get spoiled when he sleeps well for us. It’s extremely easy to get comfortable with a solid sleep schedule of one night waking at 11:00 then sleeping through until 7:00am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. That’s what we had for a while, and MY GOD it was glorious. Now I don’t know what to do.

Anybody? Anywhere? Got a solution? I’ll try it.


  1. So sorry Grayson’s been going through this. The only thing I can possibly contribute is that although sleep begets sleep, it seems like he has a lot of sleep to catch up on, and that’s why he’s still not back to his regular schedule. Just stay consistent, and hopefully everything will get better soon!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words! I had to play a little “tough love” today and let him cry it out a little. Seemed to work – he finally fell asleep for his morning nap and slept about two hours, and then just over an hour again this afternoon!