Don’t mind me, I’m just a nobody.

Feb 4, 2009 | Uncategorized

Re: You’ve been an arrogant jerk

Dear Sir,

Really? You’re someone’s father. You’re someone else’s son. You’re someone’s husband. Someone’s neighbor, maybe even (God forbid) someone’s role model.

Where in your life did you learn you could treat people like garbage? I wish I knew what you’re thinking when the vicious things come out of your mouth or onto a page.

Just so we’re clear, you have no conscience, right? Someone with no conscience can’t possibly have respect for other people, the ability to feel genuine kindness for other people, the ability to feel sadness for other people – right?

I’m so glad we talked.


The Nobody


  1. he has no conscience, no heart & no soul. and no empathy. he is a walking, eating, talking drone of greed, hate & fear mongering tactics of (i hope) yesteryear. he’s a dinosaur & will be ushered out with the trash in due time. and karma, sweet beautiful karma, shall come to him. know that.

  2. Apparently I missed something. Which makes me sad, indeed.

  3. Kim – Nope, didn’t miss much. Just a jerk I have to work with on a regular basis. And I needed to vent. 🙂