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Apr 8, 2009 | Blogging, wants

Mom: Blah blah blah, summer vacation plans
Me: Blah blah blah, more summer vacation plans
Mom: Oh, have you heard of this chick, she’s a blogger and she has her own website,
Me: Um, of course. Her name is Heather B. Armstrong and I would give my left leg (the shifting leg, even) to be her. To meet her. To buy her a drink.
Mom: Oh, well she was on Oprah yesterday and I was just thinking, “Wow, Ashley should do this. Something to think about…”
Me: Again, Mom… left. leg. Just say “when.”

I’m sure I’m probably the 80 millionth person on the internet to become fascinated with Dooce. Haven’t heard of her? It’s ok – I’d never heard of her until last winter. Check out this article the WSJ wrote about her last year –

The Blogger Mom, In Your Face

I’m jealous. I’m amazed. I’m speechless. An average of $40k a month just in advertising? Seriously? I’d take 1/20th of that and it’d be about what I’d need a month to thrive. Holy shit. I mean, what’s worse/better is, she’s hysterical. She’s pretty. She’s angsty and Southern. And I can’t help but visit her site like a voyeuristic moth to her deliciously intricate web.


  1. Holy shit, Dooce was on Oprah?! I am equally as mesmerized by her… And I was thinking about getting her book for my sister.

  2. RenaissanceTrophyWife – Why thank you! I’m indeed a bit of a car snob since I learned to drive a stick shift. Feels like you’re going faster even when you’re not. 🙂