consonants and vowels

May 24, 2007 | Uncategorized

I love the stickies function on Macs. That way, I don’t have stickies covering my screen.

I want to watch this documentary called Why We Fight. I hope it’s less preachy that Michael Moore’s films.

I want to plan a trip to Savannah or Charleston. Or both. I’m intrigued by the “Southern Charm” aspect of them.

I have bits of Regina Spektor songs going through my head at the moment. Only becauase I know partial bits of the lyrics to all of them.

I have a huge zit on my chin. I also have a freckle there that I love. I wish I could have skin that didn’t look like a 14 year old’s.

There’s this guy in my office who is a complete caricature of himself. A total tool. If I were a guy I could impersonate him perfectly.

I hate hang-ups on the phone. Just tell me you have the wrong number. I understand.

I love short, staccato sentences for emphasis. I. do. this. all. the. time.

Yay it’s Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, and there’s a 3-day weekend coming up.

Going to the park again on Saturday, with sunscreen in hand. My arms are now a completely different shade than my legs, so I’m hoping to change that. I get paid tomorrow too, which is good. I went to the grocery store on Monday but haven’t eaten any of the food I bought because my nights have been so busy this week.

I can’t wait until I live closer to a Whole Foods. My new roommate won’t eat most of the stuff they sell (“I’m a meat and potatoes kinda girl,” she says) but I’m hoping to change her version of meat and potatoes. Or I’ll just cook myself. Two weeks from today exactly we sign our new lease and can officially start to move stuff in. This is where the staccato sentences come in – I. am. so. effing. excited. It sounds geeky, and although I don’t like the actual hauling of stuff, I like unpacking and figuring out where to put everything. Decorating and whatnot. I really wish I could paint and not worry about painting it over again myself.

I have to get a new license next month. I wish I qualified for online renewal. But apparently, I don’t, which means I have to get up early one Saturday (probably next week) and get a new license. Most likely complete with a new picture since the other is four years old, and I’d rather look a little closer to my true age. At least for now.