Ciao Bella, Rosemary

May 11, 2007 | life, writing, Zona Rosa

Goddamn I’m in a good mood today. My boss found out yesterday that for her 20th year anniversary working here, our company is sending her to Italy. Ah, Bella Italia. SO of course, I got all ga-ga over the situation, and brought her some of my books from last summer, trying to figure out which ones would be the best, because of course, if you asked me now, I’d admit to being something of an Italy connoisseur, even though I’m totally far from it. I know what I remember though, it was was absolutely beautiful. Amazing. life-changing. yeah, I get all gay about it. I know it’s cliche, but it has to be so true for so many people for it to come that far, so thus, people al over the world have fallen for Italy’s charm. In a heartbeat I would switch jobs and move there. I would learn Italian, I would embrace the Italian way of life. Italians even asked if I was a native, and I had to respond with a smile, “well no, but I appreciate the compliment.”

Second, CG and I are driving out to Athens to see my old boss’ writing mentor. We’re not going to stay, but I really wanted to see her speak. She’s talking about her new book that came out last Spring, that CB was so nice in giving me a copy of, and I knew that it would be a big deal and it would get back to her if she found out I went to see Rosemary. I haven’t talked to CB in a while, actually really miss her. I didn’t realize how much I grew to appreciate all her help, even though she was paying me to help her every week. And then afterwards, I realized she spoiled me rotten and how lucky I’d be to have a boss/employee or friend/friend relationship like that. Having somebody pay you to come hang out with them, give them writing ideas, go to art galleries for inspiration? Um, yes please! I suppose, if you’re into that kind of thing. I wouldn’t necessarily like to be hired on as someone’s accountant…blech. Anyway. So I’m going to see Rosemary speak and hopefully get some of her other books. And, any face time is good. I know she told CB that if she could have an assistant like me she’d be extremely efficient.