Christmas is coming (sooner than you think!), the goose is getting fat

Nov 10, 2008 | Atlanta, Christmas

Oh, Christmas. The holiday I look forward to aaaall year. No you bunch of sillies, not because of the presents; I’m not 7 anymore.

Really, it’s because I get to see all my favorite people at the same time. Even better when they’re all at the same house. I love Christmas music, I mean looove Christmas music, I love decorating the tree, hanging pretty wreaths, (one day) baking Christmas cookies, eating Christmas cookies, driving through neighborhoods to look at the lights on all the houses, you name it, I love it.

Hell, I even bought Leela a Christmas necklace – 2 weeks ago!

Isn’t she beautimous?


I’m not looking forward to Christmas plans. College Christmases were great – I was off from school, usually working, then I’d tag along with whatever plan my parents had decided on. This is the first year where I have to actually sit and p l a n Christmas – which days we’re going where, check off in my head who we’ll be able to see and when, and how much time we’ll have with everyone. It’s panning out to be a lengthy process. :/

Not that I don’t want to see everyone, I do. It’s also the co-mingling of the holiday traditions that makes me a little nervous. The co-mingling of the traditions, parties, and goings-on of the two houses. Why? I don’t know. I really don’t have a good reason. Just nervousness stemming from being unsure, I’d imagine.

Anybody have a great “your family, my family” system? Do you just alternate houses or what? If you have an answer, my holiday-crazed self with thank you.


  1. Chris and I always spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with his. It works out pretty well since our homes are only an hour and a half away… not too much traveling.

    (And could your pup be any cuter?!)

    I’m curious, what did y’all do last year? Separate Christmases?

  2. Yeah – we spent Christmas morning at his parents’ house (which was hard for me, I admit) and then went over to my parent’s house in the early afternoon and had a second Christmas.

    What makes it slightly more difficult is that his extended family always has a huge Christmas gathering every year on Christmas eve – and it goes at least until midnight when everyone hugs and says Merry Christmas to each other. They’re inviting my family this year, and I hope they come so we’re not sneaking in Christmas Eve night at 1:00 or 2:00 at night. 🙂