Eat This, Failure

Hi. Hello. It's me, the marketer who doesn't write in her own blog. It's something I think about just about every day, of course. I start the day with good intentions, and other things get in the way. Mostly myself. The last six and a half months have rocked me to my...

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People First, Employees Second

"What's goin' on? How are you doing? What are your pain points today?" During my 2.5 years at TrustWorkz, I heard these questions just about every day from James. And I've been thinking about this particular aspect of my job there a lot lately. At the time, I had no...

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Do They Make a Life GPS?

Because if so, sign me up. I need someone to tell me exactly where to go, how to get there, and how to avoid pulling my hair out on the way there. (And if the narrating voice could be David Tennant, that'd be grrrreat.) I've been going through old posts over the last...

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