Bizarre Pregnancy Dreams

Jan 13, 2010 | dreams, pregnancy

I remember reading that pregnant women have bizarre dreams.  I looked up pregnancy dreams in your first trimester, and they were all boring. “I dreamt I was carrying a tire around my waist, what does that mean?” Oh, perhaps you’re nervous about your upcoming weight gain.  Triiiite.  I’ve had lots of intense dreams.  Dreams where I’m being chased, but I can’t remember by what.  One thing though, is that I’m unbelievably calm in all of them, despite the circumstances.  Here’s a few from the past week I remember:

– We weren’t completely pregnant; I had more steps to become officially pregnant, and I was flipping out that we made sure we finished them all. I distinctly remember nagging Oscar about a pregnancy checklist I was carrying around with me everywhere (Ok, so not so far off, heh).

 – A very Coraline-esque dream, bursting with vivid color.  I was fumbling through a rope-bridge kind of maze at the whim of a gigantic spider that wouldn’t let me out until I found what I was looking for.

– Dreamed I got up early and drove to a bridge with my dad and watched the sun rise.  As we talked, he told me I needed to get a real job. All I could do was look at the neon shades of yellow and orange and wonder if he was right.

– I flew around the world in a tiny airplane with a tourguide. He landed at this beautiful deserted beach in South America and told me I could take a swim, so I did.  Then he told me to be wary of the electric eels in the water, so I promptly got out and laid down a towel on the beach.  He then said there were flesh-eating birds with really long beaks called Turoks (a subconscious throwback to the video game, maybe?), and they would burrow through my towel and chew my skin off if I wasn’t careful.  “Screw that!,” I screamed.  “Why would you bring me to a beautiful beach full of harmful creatures?? Get me the hell out of here!” So I hopped back into the plane, making sure there weren’t any Turok stowaways, and we left, off to find a new place to visit.

 – Last night I dreamed I was on the cast of Dexter, running from some crazy Madman that wanted Lieutenant LaGeurta dead.  She lived in a house that my neighbors from the first house we moved into in Atlanta lived in, and I lived next door, in the very house we moved into.  Batista had stopped traffic about a mile down the street, asking people about the killer, and I somehow found myself in LaGuerta’s house, watching the killer circle her.  My cell phone wasn’t working, but I remembered I had a home line at my house, so I ran next door to call, and it wasn’t working, either.  Finally, I realized, “Duh, idiot, you can hop in your car and bring Batista here, but hopefully you can do it in time before LaGuerta gets cut to pieces.”  Then I woke up to Oscar turning on the shower this morning.

Anybody care to decipher these, heh?