All you need is love

May 14, 2008 | weddings

As promised, here’s a re-visit to the first draft of the ceremony. This has been an interesting subject to tackle, as Oscar isn’t religious, and I’m more of a go-your-own-way, whatever suits you and makes you feel like a good person with good morals. That being said, on the larger scale, I believe, he doesn’t, and our ceremony was a little tougher than I’d thought. I kind of wanted a transcendental (I’m in love with Emerson) tone, with God mentioned, but Oscar preferred to not have God mentioned, and focus on the love we share for each other.

I found our officiant on The Knot, and when we met him the first time, we were thrilled. He was funny, nonjudgmental, and definitely seemed our type.

We got the first draft of our ceremony last week, and I think it’s safe to say we were both pretty happy. The overall tone is focused on the love we have for each other. Being the lover of all things literary, I still feel like it’s missing something – a poem, a reading, something.

I went online and found a few that I really like:

– falling in love is like owning a dog, Taylor Mali
– Litany, Billy Collins
– sosmewhere I have never travelled, e.e. cummings
– I carry your heart with me, e.e. cummings

Oscar liked the Taylor Mali poem, and it seems the most fitting since we adopted Leela.

Also, I really want to write our vows. It’s a somewhat daunting task, but very important to me.

Overall, I’m really pumped that we have such a great first draft.