Adapt [uh-dapt]:

Apr 3, 2009 | life

–verb (used with object)
1. to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly.
–verb (used without object)
2. to adjust oneself to different conditions, environment, etc.: to adapt easily to all circumstances.

My hour and a half commute into work this morning made me feel like I had wasted a perfectly good 90 minutes.

Then I lamented the fact that I’ll probably waste another 90 minutes on the way home tonight because of Spring Break traffic (all the metro-Atlanta counties are out starting tonight).

And that I’m so conditioned to think that almost three hours in the car each day is acceptable.

Maybe we’re all just a little too good at adapting. What kinds of crap have you gotten used to?


  1. I have adapted to little to no sleep.

  2. I’ve adapted to my wife complaining about traffic all the time.

  3. I live 20 minutes out of town and people here think I am insane having to drive “so far” every day. I’ve got nothing on you!

    I am used to dial-up. There is no other choice out here in the wilderness. I’ve just learned to load a page and then go do something for ten minutes 🙂