A very merry unbirthday to you

Jun 20, 2007 | Uncategorized

So I have yet to write a birthday entry, but seeing as how my party isn’t until Friday, and I haven’t even celebrated with my family yet, it doesn’t feel like my birthday yet.

I had good friends take me out for dinner to a hibachi grill place. Extremely good, and always fun when you get to watch your food being cooked. And they served me a free piece of oreo cheesecake (yum!), but made me wear an ugly hat made out of a cloth napkin and chopsticks. Yes, there are pictures somewhere. But I had too much Kirin in my body to care much.

But, 23 feels no older, no wiser (well, maybe) and no more exciting than 22 does. Two years away from 25, seven years away from 30.. Ick.

As I was sitting in traffic this morning (exceedingly bad today, for some reason) I realized that I have exactly 12 more mornings where I have to leave the house at 6:30. 13 more days of horrible afternoon traffic.

12 days until I can be home by 5:00 (or whatever time I’m switched to)
I think I’ll be a little saner, for sure. My left calf muscles won’t be nearly as tight from shifting back and forth into second then first, then second, then third, then back to first gear. My brain won’t be quite as convinced that everyone in Cobb county share the same functioning brain cells every day.

It’s probably a very good thing that my car isn’t a V8 or Turbo or S or S4 or turbo-charged or something. I already have two speeding tickets under my belt.

I think I’m going to pdf all the columns my Grandaddy wrote when he was on staff at the Charlotte Observer. Just so I can have them all. I thik that’s where I get my dream, it skipped a generation with my Mom I guess. Either way, I think it would be a good thing to have, all those articles copied somewhere.

Anyway. Happy Birthday to me.


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