A promise is a promise

Jun 30, 2009 | Uncategorized

I promised I would update this redheaded stepchild of a blog.

The funny thing is, I feel like I don’t have anything worth writing…

I get farther and farther away from remembering what my old job is like, and the other day I actually forgot that I worked with a few people at that office. I definitely don’t miss the commute, and I like not having a dress code. It is, however, a little lonely sometimes working out of the house. But thankfully, I have 3 outside networking meetings this week, so those are a nice change.

I feel like (some) of my friends have been letting me down left and right. They don’t call. They don’t Facebook. Twitter. Text. Anything. I don’t understand it. Oscar says it’s because we’re getting older, and because people are busy; they have lives to lead. But I think that’s a total cop-out. I try and always make time for the people I care about – wouldn’t everyone?

Skelly (our diabetic cat) went back to the vet for a follow-up exam after his first diagnosis around Christmas. The vet still wants to do a second round of tests in a few weeks because he hasn’t gained much weight. I understand her job is to prolong each animal’s life that comes in there, but it bugged me that she kept saying, “I don’t know where you are financially, but…” I could have said, “Well you know, I AM currently depending on unemployment checks, and you have a job, so if you want to test him, you test him,” buuut I realize that’s a tad passive-aggressive.

I started sorting through old columns and letters and pictures from my maternal grandfather. In doing so, I realized that I want to write about his life. I’m not sure what yet, but if there’s a market about granddaughters writing about their deceased grandfathers while “finding” themselves in the process, maybe something far-fetched like that?


  1. The good friends won’t forget to call and include you in their ever-busying life… Those are the friendships to invest your time into.

  2. Agreed. And deep down, I know that.

  3. Hey chick, I hear you. Sorry if I haven’t been checking in, your antiguo trabajo is pretty unchanged. If anything Dana has slid further into his cave. Nothing has come of the barnyard and I think he’s beginning to swallow that reality pill. Don’t see him much. One new thing is that Bill/Mark have hired a new hi-profile marketing guy. He’s a big corporate structure type that is really getting tested here. Kind of interesting. Still have your college textbook. When I have time, I get a short story in. Haven’t seen any re-drafts of your material. Hope you are able to make time to pursue them. The story is out there, you’ve got your rope around its neck. Things get hectic and bills come in and personal issues erupt like pimples and before you know it that one day break from writing has turned into 2 weeks (or 6 years in some stupid guys case). Keep working on this blog, even (or especially) if you feel no one is reading. We are. Your doing more than some of us wish we were doing.
    Hope things are going well. Anytime you want to drive 45 minutes for a fast food lunch.