1, 2, 3 Green light.

Jun 6, 2007 | Uncategorized

Still pukey, still cranky. Although my hike yesterday did me good. But this morning was horrible in terms of trying to wake up, I was so. slow. Had to play some Converge to at least get me moving a little.

I’m definitely looking forward to moving after yesterday’s hour and a half trek home. (I think I literally bitched all the way home. Had I posted right after that, people would have seen The Wrath.) Traffic ties in with something else I absolutely will not stand for- deliberate rudeness. So of course, I check the traffic before I left, the highway looked like it was at a dead stand-still because of a wreck that happened right next to my exit. So, I grudgingly decided to take another road, full of traffic lights, stop signs and the like. One of which, I detest with every fiber of my being. It doesn’t take me long to get to this road, however. And once I’m on it at first, it’s running smoothly for 5:00. THEN, oh then, there’s a light way down, one in which turns into a one-lane right after you cross the intersection. People know this, and the courteous ones like me, the ones who are getting in to heaven based solely on this fact, are waiting patiently in the correct lane until the light is green and we can finally go. However, there are these assholes that know this and choose to ignore that fact. They speed aaaall the way down to the light and insist on squishing their way over. And, because these patient people in front are the nicer ones anyway, they let them in. I will go on the record saying this, somebody tape me, but to all of those people who purposefully fuck everyone else that have been patiently waiting, I hope one day that you’re impatiently waiting, in a situation that should merit quite a bit of such a trait, and You. Fuck. Up. Or, I hope karma gives you the royal ass-kicking of your life.

I called my dad in the midst of the mess and told him I needed a popsicle stick sign like his (which says Slower Traffic Keep Right, he made it himself and it makes me laugh) only it needs to be a little more succinct- Fucking Move. Makes me appreciate that Dane Cook bit about people at a four-way stop. Look it up.

That said, tomorrow is lease-signing day. and I couldn’t be more thrilled. On bad days, it’s going to take me 30 minutes. Tops. And, this weekend, track time. Oh yeah baby, I wanna go fast.

I’m not a mean person, I swear. I’m really not. But this, this is my soapbox, and I will step down now.